Debby Keys

Hello.  My name is Deborah Nwanguma. I am a Lawyer and a Writer.

I write about what I know and research here on Time & Muse. Founded in 2015 as a poetry blog, Time & Muse has grown into place of learning for every writer, poet and creator. With topics on creativity, art, writing, I seek to teach creative writing and also inspire growth and consistency amongst writers.

My poems have been featured on the Parousia Mag and Words Are Work. I was top ten in the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest 2015 and my poem “dead lions don’t roar” was shortlisted for the African Writers Challenge in 2018. I am also a Contributor to the Anthology, Plague 2020, a collection of poetry and Art works.

Experienced in content creating and research, I spend a lot of time writing, teaching and learning.

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Here on Time & Muse, you will find reason to keep writing and creating.

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