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Hello, My name is Deborah Nwanguma. I am a Lawyer and a Writer.


Debby Keys
Mother, where is salvation in the books? Peter? John? James? A king rode on a donkey in a shower of praise. And died in a cacophony of hate. “Kill him” Where is the salvation in the verses? The ryhmes that promised healing. The dark scarlet of the wine is on......

Poetry as you.

Debby Keys
Poetry as prayer, as meditation. As a quiet anthem under your breath. A rising symphony calling to worship all your dreams. Poetry as the tears you cannot hide. As the writings on the walls, enigmatic and strained, The echos that never drown. Poetry as the lullaby perfumed on your pillows.......


Debby Keys
Hold my hand and lead me through this path Compel me with your eyes as I wonder about these emotions Like Wild horses on the run, I put a rein to them Amidst all these, my hands are so unsteady In quiet and still night, you whisper my name Through......


Debby Keys
She falls to ground,but she does it slowly and calmly. She stares at the open space as if concentrating on a beautiful but complex painting. Her slender hands reach her hair as she ruffles it, the result is a scattered hair. Tears begin to well up in her eyes and......

Back to you.

Debby Keys
You clutch the clothes to your skin Cold Nostalgia chills you to the bones You walked away again This time the mallet had hit the wood Uncontrollable tears walk freely down your skin Regret and pain are folded around your bossom As you nod painfully Your thoughts take a walk......