To witness two lovers under the moon.

whispering nothingness.

curling under the wind, with racing

heartbeats and sloppy kisses.

to murmur under my breath the names of past lovers that faded.

while closing my palms in surrender.

to listen to the priest’s unending sermons

like a trickling water, disturbing

as I count the seats from the altar to the back.

painting my name on the hard chairs for the angels that hover to see.

remember me , remember me.

to arrange frail flowers close to the graves.

nursing my heart during the day,

begging the sun to shine brighter on my skin.

to pray until I dissolve, into a floating star.

reaching for eternity, touching the face of god.

to list the reasons why I must love again on the napkin with tears.

smelling the burnt cake I have forgotten.

to understand the cycling of the year.

that my eyes will dim and water.

to steady my hands and voice as I sing  Hosanna to the roaring wind.

to forget why I wrote this poem at all.

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