I’ll remember you like this

I want to remember you like this.

Green. Alive.

With laughter playing at your mouth.


Courage in your voice and fire sitting in your belly.

You, sitting across me in my office.

It’s late but you are saying “I will be here, we will see”

there’s laughter. There’s faith

I believe. I find myself believing.

I want to remember you like this

You, teaching for hours.

Blessing us, hands on my head saying “you are strengthened”

And I was, for a long time.

I remember you like this, prancing, free, light, calm, fiery.

Walking the steps of the stadium.

as we prayed together and supplicated.

Today, for men.

Tomorrow, for men.

The next, for men.

We at Jos, walking the streets, collecting memories.

And oh how the seasons tried us.

But we had strength for weary days.

We had comradeship and joy.

You were my friend, my pastor.

I want to remember you like this.

You, calling my name, asking.

What’s the greek name for this, that?

is it Didasko ? mattetuo?

I don’t know, I always forget.

And you remind me graciously.

You, me, the brothers, eating, laughing

You talking to me, outside the classes.

As we sit on the marbles.

You swipe out your phone to show me a video

A conference, you were there.

It’s a prophecy about Jos.

God you had plans!

And you believed, therefore I believed.

I don’t know if I still do. God I want to

I remember all you were, and more.

Rest on my brother

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