So far

Like a ritual

I’ll read from Lucille Clifton

I’ll read from my favourite poem, “won’t you celebrate with me”

I’ll roll my tongue and imagine I’m her

Round with experiences, full of stories, brimming with

love or a distant affection

that kind that stays in the eyes of grandmothers

as they remember something they did not do

something they did not say.

a hidden treasure they didn’t unravel

I’ll imagine I’m her- a cornucopia of tales


“my one hand holding tight my other”

Is that not what I’m doing?

I’ll say quietly to myself too like Lucille

or maybe not

maybe Lucille was loud when she said “I had no model”

I’ll say again like her, I’m sure this time

More affectionately, persuasively

Pleadingly, reaching to reason with many hearts

trying to touch the core of the earth, feeling the pulse

And finding reasons, answers, grooming questions

tending doubts

nodding to Life, bowing to silence, understanding weaknees

Maybe I’ll say like her

won’t you celebrate with me, what I have shaped into a kind of life?”

And some one will answer

someone that likes to humour will say “yes”

I’ll say yes too ‘cos I enjoy the sentiments

The sound of 25.

I’ll say like her, like Lucille Clifton

I’ll speak with the air of a wise woman even if I am not

I’ll smile a little, frown more, deepen my gaze

As i remember memories I’d rather not speak of

hurt and hurt

this pain that we so romanticize

I’ll speak like a poet indeed, soft and fiery

my voice will sound like an ordinary woman

And I’ll say

come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed”

And you would.

Won’t you?

Oh Selah!

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Stephanie November 18, 2020 at 5:46 pm

Happy Birthday Dear Debbie.

I celebrate with you.

Sandra Solomon November 19, 2020 at 6:08 am

Happy birthday debbykeys
More keys😍


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