Vestiges of love

Tonight I’ll wrap your promises behind my ears
where neither wrath nor ache can reach
where neither crimson nor scarlet can stay
my heart is shedding in the new light of your love
in a revelation cast on poetry and fire
in old lines, in clichés that don’t lie
“to the moon and back”
“forever and a day”

tonight I will wrap your words on my waist
where neither lies nor pain can swim
where neither darkness nor sore can live
Tonight I will have faith and longing
like the stories of grace .
Like James, Timothy, John and Paul.

Tonight like a portrait, I will stare at stark truth
at the gift of ages, an elixir of sweetness
how the earth gives and gives
that bare longing that tugs and tugs

Tonight I will whisper all the stories I’ve read
The bravery of soldiers daring to love, daring to give
Hearts stretching like a speech filled with fear
Filled with truth
We have become, now as you see part of that history
Where affection leaves her prints
Its vestiges of love.

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