Hold my hand and lead me through this path
Compel me with your eyes as I wonder about these emotions
Like Wild horses on the run, I put a rein to them
Amidst all these, my hands are so unsteady
In quiet and still night, you whisper my name
Through confusion, I’ve not heard a tune so fine
You say my laughter has given pulchritude a different meaning
With these chords and notes, yet a voice so beautiful!
I gaze at the moon, its illumination gets better
While you say quiet prayer, I watch still
A miracle again has found me and breathes this air on my skin
You whisper words quietly in my ears
I let it slide, it doesn’t matter now
To those that love, I think the world understand the music
Chilled bones and sweaty shirts, laughter rises still
Fairy tale stories are being played again and we are the tales
I raise a shovel to bury my past
Sands to deaden it
My hands are raised to drive the nail in
But you are long gone
Memories fade and so with your promises
I remember your words now, whispered in my ear
It’s sad and false
Only yours, you said.

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