For now, forgive your Mother’s swollen cheek and dancing eyes.

You old foetus, please note.

When you leave this watery darkness to the world, know this.

There’s a lot of confusion walking with humans, an uncertainty hanging on their heads.

The explosion of churches will find you gasping for breath- leaning on heavy truths…

When you’re sprinkled with water.

With the glistening eyes of your Mother over your essence…

Do not scream. It will last for a lifetime of seconds.

I know, I know, the Priest is an old man, sending you back to dreams.

When your world was blood and salt.

They will search the scriptures to Christen you Ezekiel, Amos or Esther.

This is a culture. You see, I am Deborah.

If you’re a boy, I can’t say yet. The Choir will scream with joy.

A girl? They will still scream but with something else.

You hear that?  Someone said you’d be a Lawyer. Reject that.

Unless you want your soul blackened and sold to pain.

For now, forgive your Mother’s swollen cheek and dancing eyes.

Forgive her choking emotions and weak smiles.

Pushing you was no walk in a park.

Oh it was- the Jurassic Park

The man with the bald is your Dad.

His shoulders are slackened, somewhat defeated.

Let’s just say he didn’t see you coming, surprising?

He forgets Biology lessons. 

His deep voice will make you cry, he is only trying to play with you..

Coo, Coo, boo, boo”

This babblings doesn’t suit him but he  tries. He tries.

The woman making your mother cry is your Aunty, this is what they do.

Your grandmother is about to give you a name you’d never use.

Obumneme. Obiageli. Ah.

You’ll get familiar with the cot, it’s your first taste of a prison

Prayers will be offered noon and night so you don’t end up in a real one.


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