She falls to ground,but she does it slowly and calmly. She stares at the open space as if concentrating on a beautiful but complex painting.

Her slender hands reach her hair as she ruffles it, the result is a scattered hair. Tears begin to well up in her eyes and her shoulders shake uncontrollably.

Where Lord?, she murmurs softly, she says it over and over gain but her pitch increases as she does so.

She is screaming now and she is upright, her vision is blur as her tears and long lashes hinder clear sight.

In what seems like drunken steps, she finds her way to the kitchen. The sound of breaking cups and plates are heard,but they suddenly stop.

Knocking over objects, she goes to her room. She sits still on her bed as her crying stops quietly. What is heard is a sniff. Then. Nothing.

On her right hand is a knife weakly held, its nearly dropping. Suddenly, its held strongly and purposefully as her brown eyes become light.


She slits her wrist.

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