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that would my first question, if I am ever given a chance.

Permit me, I’m neither angry nor happy, only honest

And honesty is not some delicious meal I miss

Or home that I return to like a lover- an old lover

I can imagine that my stomach will be churning into a mess

Or would it? The verses speak of love,so maybe no

Maybe I’ll just like a questioning toddler, whose Father understands

Whose Mother smiles and kisses at every chance.. ask

I’ll just like a questioning toddler ask with sweetness

What am I talking about? I’m serious

I’m no toddler, I’m no child

When I’ll ask why, I’ll ask with the seriousness of a Lawyer that’s been

bent, torn, weathered by books

Wearied by courts. I’ll ask God, why?

Why did you ever think life was a good idea?

Why did you ever think this could be endured? Why did you think I’d like to live with my dreams?

To stare at the desires that leave me restless?

Why did I have to witness cruelty that I can’t stop?

Brokeness that I can’t mend?

If this wasn’t your idea,let me meet the man in charge then?

Who wrote this blueprint?

I’m nether angry nor happy Father, just honest

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Stephanie April 14, 2021 at 9:34 pm

The honesty in here is well seen.

I join you to ask “Why” Father?

Debby Keys April 14, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Why 🥺


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