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Everyone loves a good story.

Storytelling is as old as humans. History will tell us how the cavemen wrote stories using a stick as pen and mud for paper; the Hieroglyphs were used by the ancient Egypt as one of the earliest writing systems in the world. Our great grand parents told stories to our grand parents as a way of passing down the details of notable events and general occurrences.

In this present world of technology and automation, stories are still important as they were in the ancient times.

Stories are by their nature powerful and people identify with them.

A good story will keep anyone engaged and interested.

Personally, I think the word storytelling gets thrown around a lot. Everyone says you need a good story, brands talk about it and we all have heard about the power of storytelling. The question is why is story telling important, what is the big deal?


In today’s world, attention is commodity and we know this. Whether it is with a graphic design, a video or a photograph, there’s an effort to get your attention.

According to Joe Pullizzi, today’s availability of technology means that any business in any industry can develop an audience through consistent story telling.

This is true!

Observe the different content that is put out daily on social media platforms.

Everyone is consistent in one thing – telling a story.
Marketers, writers work towards creating content that move people, content that triggers response from people, something that engages and ultimately connects.

Only a story does this. Whether it is through a picture showing the woes of war, or a movie that keeps us on suspense, or the protagonist in a book that dies after sacrificing her life for a cause- name it.

No one forgets a good story.
And this is where the art of storytelling lies- in getting our attention.


We learn better with stories. I know this.

I remember lessons from my father better because he always backed them with stories. His deep voice still resonates; I remember the darkly night and the sounds he made when he assumed different characters. I remember how he made me feel and this is how I learned.

I remember the lessons from my Fine Arts Teacher. He used funny stories to teach.
I recall how he explained the different emotions colours represent. According to him, yellow signified happiness.

The Yellow House team had just won the inter-house sports tournament.

He had said “Do you remember how happy they were because they won the tournament? We all remembered.

“Now that was because they wore yellow. Yellow signifies happiness”

I will forever remember that lesson. It was a good story.

Everyone learns better with stories. We are overwhelmed with a lot of information and our brain chooses what to remember. We are inclined to remember things when there is an emotional connection.


It is a human quality to want to be loved, accepted and be seen. The reason stories are powerful is because people identify with them.

She leads Africa has an audience because they have a story that appeals to women who are interested in entrepreneurship, personal development and business. A lot of women can identify with that.

Jeff Goins has a story that appeals to creators, writers and artists; he is consistent in telling it. I feel connected to him.

Story telling is about creating or generating a story that is unique to a particular brand or people.

People want to tell their stories and share it, people want to listen to them and catch a glimpse of their lives in the stories of other people. This is the connection that humans seek for; this is the experience that they crave.

This is why storytelling is important.

What are your thoughts?


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